iRovio iPad/iPhone App Now Available!

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If you're jailbroken you should be able to get it off installous. I just checked and it is on there.

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Great. Thanks! Just trying to add Installous now, but getting some errors when adding the source, so trying again.

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OK, installed it and found iRovio on there, but when I try to download it, via and requiring a captcha, it then says the file cannot be found :(

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arrrghhh! Every site on the web I can find that claims to have a copy of the ipa file (3 in total) in fact doesn't! This is sooo annoying. I paid for the app orginally, but because of various machine failures and the fact it has been taken off the app store, I just can't reinstall it.

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:) Finally found the .ipa file on a really old backup of my old laptop! All installed and working fine! Thanks fr the advice though Russ, I really appreciated it.

Manuel Quinaz
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Email me, i'll send you the (

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why ist the app not in the store anymore? Found some screenshots, looks nice!

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The author pulled it from the store. He's not responding to email, but I would assume he didn't pay his developer fees or something. His market is really small so it might not make sense to sell it if Apple is charging just to keep the app alive.

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Can Rovio be set up with out a PC or Mac? Or does it require a desktop