Where to buy RS media for low prize

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Where to buy RS media for low prize

I am thinking RS media is another interesting robot for me besides my Rovio. Where can I buy one in low prize (even second handed)?  Is anybody here willing to sell his to me?


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Sorry None from me, I only have one and it came from a friend of mine as a gift. If I find one at a good price I'll let you know.


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Try Ebay. They will not be a low price

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not going to be cheap even if you can find them. Best bet is ebay.co.uk, can sometimes be found just below a hundred pounds. But you have to be careful about the shipping costs.

Over here in Asia can sometimes find 1-2 units at retail for about USD 700....:(

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mine for sale...

make me an offer

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^^ is it new and how much you want for it?