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Social RoboRaptors

A little something I put together this evening in honor of Bring Your Raptor to Work Day.


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Awwww... That gets me right in the power supply! I didn't know it was a special day :)

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Haha, looks like it was choreographed! Well done!

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Here's another example of synchronized behavior.

The previous video, and this next one, were done by simply turning on the two RoboRaptors, and then triggering their sensors. No remote signals were used.!/video/video.php?v=1202455161062&oid=309455101346

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I made a concious decision to avoid the non-technical threads. I was doing pretty well on that until this one popped up.

I strongly disagree with the name of this video and the music in it!Yell

It should be named Oil Change 4 Play and have the Raptor Rap for its song: Tongue outWink