Another Steampunked Robosapien V2 Paint job

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Another Steampunked Robosapien V2 Paint job
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I know it's the same theme but I like it.

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tnx idrum , ive done 4 of these so far and sold them on ebay.

first time painting the remote though... my tape job wasnt too good on it.

now time to do a V2 in gun metal grey/silver me thinks.

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"now time to do a V2 in gun metal grey/silver me thinks."


What about a Robocop theme? Just a thought....

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Love the paint-job. My RSV2 has gone a nasty shade of yellow as it has been sitting on a shelf for the past year, perhaps I should dust him off and attempt to paint him up as you have done.

Any recommendations regarding paint types and procedures? How many layers did it take you to get this effect? Primer, Brass and a darker shade/Black by my count. Then you went at it with some sandpaper and selectively scuffed off the top layer, am I right?

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yes thats right, but those scratches are painted on with gold paint, no sanding.

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It's called drybrushing, it's a technique used in painting games workshop figures.

First you paint it black, then you get your gold paint and dip your brush in it. Then you work the brush on a piece of paper or something till almost all of the paint is gone off the brush.

You then rub that onto the black painted area and you get that effect.

You should have something you have painted black to test it on, as you have to get the amount of paint on the brush just right.

I have a yellowing V2 that I may try this on.

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I have searched EVERYWHERE online....and No one has done a mini robosapien Hulkbuster re-paint.....Looks like I will be the first!!! I stared mine. on Dec, 2nd 2010!!! at will be done in a couple of days, i will post pics then..

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Hey I saw one of these Steampunked RSV2s on eBay, I was gong to buy him but my pal pal glitches out all the time.

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You then rub that onto the black painted area and you get that effect.

When you say 'rub that', do you mean rub the brush or rub the paper onto the black painted area?

It looks awesome by the way!

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If I was to do mine, I would do a gold, then clear coat, then flat black real light, then a light sand paper just to brush off unwanted black, then another clear coat. but thats just me. Good job tho !