Reflashing RSMedia V2 with original firmware.

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Good News Shado42! I found the files. PM me your email to send them over.

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Thanks for the files Freddy - They worked!

I can now get the bootloader MXL Bootloader for RSmedia 16MB (2007-02-09) installed. The problem I have now is the rest of the files.

At the moment I get this output:

MXL Bootloader for RSmedia 16MB (2007-02-09)

Manufacture ID:00C2

Device ID:22BA
Press any key for alternate boot-up options ... 00

Copying kernel from Nand Flash to RAM ...
Manu ID =000000EC Device ID =00000076 Block count =00001000
block table:08FE9388
zone table:08EE9388
scan block finished
Booting kernel ...

Then it reboots. I can press a key to get the programing menu up and I have gone through the 'int nand flash', kernel, root and system programming. I am not sure if has something to do with the bootloader. I tried reflashing with the one in the V1 to V2 folder but it then won't boot at all and I have to do the J15 boot again!

Am I missing somthing?

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Double check to make sure you are flashing the correct files. The bootloader included in the V1 to V2 upgrade kit shouldn't soft-brick your RS Media - I have used it on my own bot before. You could always try flashing the original V1 bootloader, sys image, etc. just to verify that everything is writing correctly (PM me if you need the files).

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Hi Shado42,
Just read through your posts , I cant spot exactly what maybe going on. Best I can guess is that you may not have completed "5. Repartition Nand flash" correctly.

You said "I am not sure if has something to do with the bootloader. I tried reflashing with the one in the V1 to V2 folder but it then won't boot at all and I have to do the J15 boot again!"
This bootloader should work OK, but note that you will also need to have completed at least 6 and probably 7 before the system will start to look like it is booting.

If you save the output of the serial console/terraterm to a file then I can have a look at it and see if I can see anything else going wrong. (You could also compare it yourself to the Upgrade_log.txt that I left in the V1 to V2 Upgrade archive.

Keep feeding us information and I am sure we can eventually get your RSMedia back on his feet :-)


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Sorry I haven't been here for some time - a few personal things took priority.

I have had another chance to try and sort the flashing problem out with some success!

I seem to have a working Linux system installed but there still seems to be some problem.

If I have time tomorrow I'll try to get a copy of the output from Tera Term.

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hello everyoneis there a way to reflash the rsmv1 back to the original software...when i made the flash i was getting the  nand write error...checksum failt.i can not find the original flash software on the internet. can someone help me with the software?the robot is original no modsthank you.

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Hi there! reflashing the robot with new firmware didn.t work out.i found j15 on the board there are two soldert links,can i solder on both i wire en connect them with a switch?It would be easier when i would have a photo from the connextion? i hope that you can help me out. thank you...and sorry for my poor english 

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Hey mmeelhuijsen>can someone help me with the software?The original RSM V1 software is here.Get files ''.  If it works you should then also get '' to reinstall the original personalities. >It would be easier when i would have a photo from the connextionSorry , I only have a picture of the board before I soldered it. See here . Look for White text 'J15' in top right area.Yes you can solder a switch on. I soldered one wire to each pad , then connected a two pin header onto the wires. Then I put on a jumper on the header to connect the pins (for bootstrap mode) , or removed the jumper to disconnect them (for normal mode).Cheers  Helibot

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Hi The Pad j15  has 2 contact on it, not one ( made that mistake myself ).   You can just jumper it with a wire or tin foil temporaraly to get into boot mode