Reflashing RSMs Main Robot Board.

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Reflashing RSMs Main Robot Board.

On the RS Media Main Robot Board there is an unused connection at the bottom left. In most RSMs I've seen this connection looks damaged intentionally. Could this be a serial connection?  I will start probing and hope to get lucky. Anyone done this before? I tried Nocturnals pages again. I'll just have to go in and see where it leads.

If it does turn out that the Main Robot Board can be reflashed what does that open up? Could the start up routine be changed (my personal goal). Other more significant things could be possible

Not sure if these things can be done via the main robot board or media board but maybe adding the missing forward and reverse turning gaits, creating your own gaits and a stand up from face plant. These things may be possible since we can reflash at least the media board stuff now.


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Hello Freddy,

There is already a serial port that connects the robot board to the media board. I don't exactly know if that could be used to get into the robot board. I think there is a good chance it could be seems the media board gets full access to the robot board over that port.

Good luck Freddy!


Jamie Kugelmann

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Hi Jamie thanks for the tip! I didn't think about that at all. I could try powering the board up and probe for a serial connection there. Still searching for pin outs for the bottom left connector, I tried reading the voltage there and got a range of results. I found GND and 3.2v but haven't gone any further like to connect a usb to serial or anything.