Upgrading RSMV1 to RSMV2 firmware

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Upgrading RSMV1 to RSMV2 firmware

Hi all RSMers,
  Quite awhile ago I worked out how to upgrade an RSMv1 to run RSMV2 firmware.
(RSMV1 does not have USBNet menu option)
(RSMV2 does have USBNet menu option and can therefore support networking via USB and Serial)

I released the instructions on how todo the upgrade to the "RS Media Robot Development Kit" site on SourceForge (here is the link).

But a few people have asked about the files recently and I reliased that I didnt post the files or create an announcement thread on Robocommunity.
(It was posted in another thread here - but its not obvious in this thread)

Therefore I have created this thread......

I tried uploading the files to the download area but at the moment I am getting an error ...so for the moment you can get them from the sourceforge link above. (I will edit this post if I get the files uploaed to Robocommunity)