Rovio Firmware v5.03 and WPA2 - 26byte key crash

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Jorg Conradt
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Rovio Firmware v5.03 and WPA2 - 26byte key crash

Hi Rovio people,

I am running Rovio with the latest firmware (v5.03) and found a strange problem: whenever I use WPA2 and a PSK consisting of exactly 26 alphanumerical characters, Rovio does not connect to the network but instead "crashes" (i.e. I need to restore factory settings). Among many other keys I have tried the following:

WPA2 PSK: yeqwoif0treqasf723waifj219         (26 chars, Rovio fails)
WPA2 PSK: yeqwoif0treqasf723waifj219a       (27 chars, Rovio works just fine)


WPA2 PSK: fghijklmnopqrstuvw12345xyz        (26 chars, Rovio fails)
WPA2 PSK: ghijklmnopqrstuvw12345xyz         (25 chars, Rovio works just fine)


Is there a known issue with WPA2 PSK keys of length 26? Wowwee? Can you fix this?

I know many people will suggest use a key of different length; oh well, my company will not easily adapt the key to any employee's needs...

Any ideas what's wrong? Thanks,


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no entra

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Wowwee does not care, they do not support the Rovio any longer. Your company is so nice to let you connect your Rovio to their network. Good luck.

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Since each access point has an individual WPA2 code, maybe you can convince your IT dept to add one for Rovio, or change one of the existing nodes to the longer, or shorter keys?

The other thing to have a look at the firmware to see if you can tell why this is happening - the source code is available.