RS Media Remote Control Ripley's Believe it or not!

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RS Media Remote Control Ripley's Believe it or not!

A few months back I filled out a claim ticket on Wowwee's website and requested an RS Media remote. They said it could only be aquired from Wow Wee Canada. I was told to send $25 money order to them which I did but after hearing a few things from others about thier lack of support and that the remote had been out of stock for years, I pretty much gave up on waiting for it. Then it showed up today.

So as of a few months ago, they could still be aquired.


Ticket Number: 33008
Purchase Location: Ebay
Product Category: Robotics
Product Name: RS Media Silver/Orange
Product Problem: Parts to Purchase
Item No: 8061
Description: I need a replacement remote control for my son's 2006 RS Media. Thanks.
Creation Time: 2010-08-13 01:27:50 AM (Eastern time -4)

WowWee Customer Service

2010-08-13 10:19:06 AM (Eastern time -4)


Dear sirs,

You can purchase a new remote for $25 USD. Please send an International Money Order or Cashier's Check made out to WowWee Canada Inc. (we aren't set up to take credit cards) to the following address:

WowWee Canada Inc.

ATTN: Maral

3500 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West – suite 800

Westmount, QC

H3Z 3C1


Please include with your payment a detailed note explaining the part you need, your full name, telephone number and shipping address.


WowWee Customer Service

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That risk you took paid off not only for you but for all of us. Thanks! It goes a long way in reestablishing trust in wowwee, at least in their Canada offices. I had a good feeling when I recieved the rovio battery and charger replacement, but a RS Media remote is huge! made me think they're getting their act together, but it could be a fluke believe it or not.