RS Media USBNet Console Update - v 1.5.1

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RS Media USBNet Console Update - v 1.5.1

I've updated the USBNet Console package. Just some minor things but the biggest was the instructions which weren't exactly clear as I didn't update it properly last time. Now it's updated correctly. Also I moved the rsupdateapp to rsupdate folder in the /robot directory in the package. This will help clarify where it's supposed to go. I had got stuck on that and wondered why 1.5 didn't work but 1.4 did. Undecided

I'm going to work on a 2.0 soon hopefully. It'll be an installation package for the whole setup and will let you use a Windows-based wizard to do the installation. I'll probably keep the installation instructions updated too in case you need to do it manually. Hopefully it'll also have an uninstall feature in the Control Panel too.

Many thanks to Helibot for his helping me in email to get this going on my end. Smile

You can get the file from here in the RoboCommunity downloads (which will take you to our SourceForge download page). Or go directly to to get it from there.