can you trigger a device with RS media?

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can you trigger a device with RS media?

Just got a RS media from a friend who had to clear out most of his bots (Also got a RSv2)


Ive been lurking around for about a week now but 


The media looks alot more interesting from what i can do to him.


Is there any way to make a RS trigger a device?

without losing another action?


Currently thinking of a series of LEDs. power is unimportant as i can run it off a set of batteries.

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The RSM does have the ability to send ir signals, Your idea could work to control stuff like a t.v. RSM does in interacting with rsv2 and robopet via ir.


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hum. Not quite what i had in mind.

I was kind of hoping for an additional port somewhere. Might have to make a mechanical switch that works with the lean over.

Though that said using the Media to change the channel sounds amusing.

Of cause programing the IR sigs would be painful, then getting him to trigger them..

Still its a good point. I'll keep it in mind.