Maxx Steele and Omnibot 5402 for sale

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John Bratager
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Maxx Steele and Omnibot 5402 for sale

I have a Maxx Steele robot for sale.  Let me know if you are interested and I can send you pictures of him, video's can be taken also to demonstrate the functionality.  I have just replace his lead acid batteries and purchased a new charger and tip connector.  I do not have the original box any longer but do have the robot, remote, mirror handle, and manuals for him.

Clock, Speech, Arm up/down, wrist up/down, claw rotate, claw open/close, lamp on/off, all tested out functional.

I also have the Omnibot 5402, remote, and tray.  His battery and charger have also been replaced.  I also rebuilt his 3V battery compartement in the back (acid corrosion of the terminals forced me to replace them.  This 'bot is functional but has yellowing on various body pieces even though he was in a dark attic for the last 20 years.  The remote is functional but has a corner where the puppy chewed it.  If interested I can send pictures of this one as well.

These have been rebuilt and are being sold to finance a daughter's request for a more professional digital camera (larger body / removable lenses).  I would consider a trading as well as selling.


John Bratager

651-582-4536 (work)

651-490-3374 (home)

Leon McNicole
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I attempted to call this morning. I know its a long time post but still off chance do you still have The Omnibot 5402 ?

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WOuld you like to trade your omnibot for my femisapien?

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i realy want one how much would you sell is for and would you trade it for a ps3 i have a facebook Essien weinblatt if you want to sell our trade look me up home town oswego new york but i live in crossville tn forgot to change were i live realy want one my birthday is the 30th would be awsome

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@a-team Are you talking to me or him

Omnibot 2000
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Do you still have the maxx steele.