RS Media Still in Box Never Used

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RS Media Still in Box Never Used

HI ,

All offers considered for my RS Media Robot .

The packaging has NEVER been opened and perfect saleable condition 


Paid $ 800 when they first came out in Australia .

Photos upon request and can be viewed at any time 


Thanks :) 


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I would like to offer $200. I have an 8-year old wowwee robot fanatic who is dying to get his hands on one of these.

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Thank you for your offer , unfortunately $ 200 is not enough .
I deliberately left this one in the box and never opened it even when I really wanted to , knowing that they were not being made anymore .


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 do you now the schipping cost to belgium.what you want for it,the rs.

on ORION.NL they ask 389 euro for an rs and schipment free.

Michael Walsh
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I'll offer $350.00 plus shipping.

Let me know