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rs media

hello there,can anyone tel me ,how to put sound and movement into the rs.

i get only the sound in,but not the movment.have somebody pictures or video.


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Hi Nomad

Do you mean putting media files like mp3 jpegs videos and body con on to the robot? I so you put them on the an SD card and then you go to the media menu on the robot and you can access them from there


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Hi nomad, you will need to use the wowwee suite or santa matts rs media editor to make the files needed to "play" movements and sounds from bodycon commands. I think I remember reading an article here in RC with step by step on this a bit more easy to understand then the user manual. search the articles and forum for how to bodycon. If you manage to make some bodycons, it would be great to see them posted for download so we could run it on our robots too!