Wowwee Elvis controlled by SSC-32

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Wowwee Elvis controlled by SSC-32

Hi guys.
I'm trying to control the Wowwee Elvis android by SSC-32 controller

but I'm having some issues.

Since the animatronics in the android is controlled by "5 wire" servos that consist of large gear motors with 10K pots on top and the common controller which moves them (no internal circuit per servo) I decides to disassemble HS-645MG servo and took its internal circuit and wired it to the pot and motor of the neck twist.

But when I tried to use Lynx SSC-32 Terminal (servo testing program) to move the servo

it only worked in two opposite positions, i.e. when I move the slider control down nothing happens until somewhere at P1940 (90% length of slider) when the motor snaps and turns to the end-right position. The same is with the opposite sliding. It will only start at 2250 (10% length of slider) and turn the motor to the end-left position.

I suspect that the internal servo circuit I used doesn't work with this type of gear-box motors. Should I use Single H-Bridge - HS-5745 Servo Amp?

Or it's something different?
Thank you!

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Ok guys.
For those who are interested:
The lower neck gear motors are not standard servos and cannot be controlled by SSC-32.
The upper neck motor is the servo, but requires the HS-5745 Servo Amp since it draws higher amperage. The face control motors are the lower power servos and CAN be controlled by the internal circuit of HS-485HB and SSC-32 controller! Even though the operating voltage of the motors in Elvis board is 9V they'll work fine with 6V!
So it's possible to control the Elvis mimicry by joystick through SSC-32 and record the sequence of commands for re-usage later!
I'll try to post some pictures when it's done.