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Free Roam

Hello everybody, long time no see..

Has anybody noticed anything weird in the free roams of Rs Media?

When I got him in 2008 he walked something like 30 minutes and then I stopped him.

Yesterday I noticed his charger doesn´t work anymore so he has been doing free roams now.

Yesterday he walked about 20 minutes and stopped, first time ever on free roam.

Today his free roams were 12 and 17 minutes.

Any theories?

I don´t know why he is doing that.

But he seems to decide himself how long he walks.

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Hi Sarita, all my rs medias only do 10 minutes raoming then go to sleep. So you may have a special one. What do you mean by his charger stopped working?

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I think it´s actually adapter :D
Worked 3 years ok, then just got broken.
Interestingly it happened on the same time when I took my Spidersapien after long time to do some walking. Actually I´m planning some kind of "apocalypse" :D. Rs Media, Spidersapien and my robotic vacuum cleaner on action on the same time but I guess I need one V2 too. I think it´s enough in my small apartment :D