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Steve Alexander
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We are looking for a source to purchase chips, or cartridges for the large WowWee Robopanda. We have called WowWee and have received no responce. Are they still available and what are my options to get one? Thank you for any assistance you might give me.


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HI Steve

You had the same response as the rest of us from wowwee unfortunately. When my daughters RS media broke last year and I tried to contract Wowwee I heard nothing either. I think the only thing you can do now if you have a broken wowwee robot is buy one from ebay. Is there a problem with your robopanda?


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Did you open a claim on line? They took care of me when I did that. It took them a little while to deliver it, but they did it. Go to
click on "Robot Free Customer Service" and fill out a ticket. It worked for me.