What happened to the guy who made Tara the android?

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What happened to the guy who made Tara the android?

I found his site on androidworld.com some years ago. I visited it now and then to see how she was progressing but it's now gone and a lot of his videos of Tara are on youtube.

http://geocities.com/androidbuilder - old site now gone

Guy's name was John Bergeron and I'm not sure if this is posted from is his own youtube channel or just someone who had the videos.

Warning, it's creepy!


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Oh finaly I found a guy with the same question. I posted about this on my Facebook side and I can't get any answers.I think Tara is really creepy and I wonder how a human can construct such creepy things oh and I googled a lot to find something about John Bergeron but I don't have a clue either

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Okay, so here's my theory. The individual who made this is in fact a serial killer. The combination of shots of the animatronic manikin and the zoom into the backyard are connected. In one of the other videos you can see the wiring that operates the manikin, then in another shot of the backyard you see that same bundle of wires running through the grass. Here's my theory. The serial killer buries his victims alive in a box with an audio detector of some kind. As the victim screams the detector picks up on the noise then sends the detected audio to the animatronic manikin. The manikin responds by saying varies things. "I feel fantastic" "hey, hey, hey" and so on. The different pitches in the screams make the manikin move and speak in certain ways. At the end when the manikin stops moving means there is no more noise coming from the victim. ALSO the fact that the manikin is dressed up in two different outfits and wearing two different wigs makes me believe that he dressed the manikins to look like his victims possibly even in his victims clothing. The agonizing screams from his victims makes him “Feel Fantastic" So he translated his feelings into a sort of sick art project.

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That "theory" is utter bs.No research and no proof!Jesus christ, people just love to make rumours to satisfy their boring, dull lives.

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So someone created an Android/ Talking Manikin, I have seen Tara on YoutuBe and all the comments, just because people cannot get intouch with the creator or on a 14 year old removed website does not mean anything suspisious, the video is a bit creepy (But I don't like androids or manikins anyway.)  The video in no way to me suggests anything malicious, evil, or bad, the man had spend thousands of pounds creating Tara and maybe didn't have the money to create a fantastic Top of the Pops music video, so he added his back garden in the video for added effects, the wires in the garden may have gone into a generator in a garage to power Tara, I do know people have tried to contact John Bergeron but failed, one YouTube video says that they tried to ask him questions and he refused to talk about Tara, I think it was an act, even if it was him he does not have to talk about Tara if he doesn't want too, Tara could have been sold on and it has upset him, she could have been destroyed, anthing, who knows maybe Tara has some kind of fetish for human clothes and kills women at night and puts on their clothes and feels fantastic, 'Hey hey hey.'

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Hmm, right, OK.

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I filmed my garden today, must be where the bodies are.'Hey hey hey'