Glee: Jane Lynch Preps Emmy For Hosting Concerts

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Glee: Jane Lynch Preps Emmy For Hosting Concerts


Jane Lynch will host this year's Emmy Awards, Fox since Sept. 18, but his alter ego, the cheerleading coach Glee spiky Glee DVD , making an appearance?

"Sue Sylvester Little Goes a Long Way," says Lynch. "There are some ideas for him, but I think probably leave to follow the example of Paramount," which is described in glee. Smallville DVD

He looks forward to welcoming live concert, the first with a mixture of but has its model of "fear to excitement, anticipation and misery." "I liked the way Billy Crystal hosted the Oscar ceremony and Jimmy Fallon Ghost Whisperer DVD was absolutely beautiful last year, "the Emmy.

"I did not know when I looked to see how I could do it next year." (Lynch contributed to an opening song and dance number, surrounded by Hamm Jon and Kate Gosselin House MD DVD , and later won a trophy for best supporting comedy actor.)

But who can forget Rob Lowe duet with the famous Oscar Snow White, who called one of the most shameful moments in the induction of a sentence: "My goal is that nobody is going to shake Supernatural DVD , or very few people will tremble ".