Help! Booting only works sometimes... when it doesn't, it's white screen & some movement

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Hi Kal-El, yeah im using a reprap. the material is abs or pla and I'm just starting to fine tune it. after calibrating I'll measure the gear and get a 3d replica of it and punch in the right size. Gerber will help us with this YO UK! I'm working on it so it will happen when it happens hopefully sooner than later.

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That's great, Freddy! I've always wanted to build a reprap, but just haven't gotten to it. (There's an office not far from where I work with one.) Anyway, good luck on the build. keep us informed. And... Thanks again to you and Vader for all your help! :)

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Hi Freddy/Kal-El

Kal-El asked "How do you end up getting the exact specs needed from the original gear into your printer?"

As I don't think there are technical drawings available publicly for the geras or any other part of the robot it is going to be a matter of measuring each part and drawing them in Google sketchup and then outputing them as a 3d STL file which is then turned into a G-code file for the Rep-rap printer to print.

I think measuring the parts and getting them exactly the right size will be a bit of trial and error, but I am going to try and make this easier and more accurate. I am going to write some 3d scanning software that will use a laser pointer pen to created a 3d model of the object. Hopefully this will work but don't know until I have a go.