Modifying Roboquad for LIPO (Lithium battery)

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Modifying Roboquad for LIPO (Lithium battery)

Has anyone done this?  I'm familiar with LIPO's since I'm into RC aircraft.  I can do very basic soldering, but nothing advanced.


Can anyone help so I can modify?  I would think a 2 cell lipo would be ok, but someone please confirm that the roboquad runs at approximately 6 volts (LIPO is 7.1-7.3 volts 2 cell fully charged).   Does anyone know if the slightly higher voltage is ok?


Ultimately it would be cool if I could make something that drops into the existing battery compartment rather than try to hard wire it to the roboquad.



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I wouldn't push the voltage that high. You could use an lm317 to drop it down though

Sergio Silva
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Cuidado, porque maneja dos voltajes, al parecer 3v para electrónica y 6v para motores, checale antes

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I think the voltage should be kept low at times to avoid any deformities. It should be asked to the expert what will be the maximum amount.

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