Selling ALL robots

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Selling ALL robots

Yep the last 4 years have been a blast getting kids excited about robots.

Working on other exciting projects to educate and entertain those young minds.

Here is a link to our eBay listings if anyone is interested.



1. Balbot - Balancing robot advanced, autonomous

 2. Yellow Drum Machine Robot, autonomous, music playing

3. Sharper Image Roboscout Robot and Robocub

4.  Disney Pixar ULTIMATE WALL-E



SHIPPING - Please contact me for shipping options and limitations.  Robots can be delivered by us in person in Ontario, Canada or if purchaser is from U.S. we can deliver in person on the Canadian side of Port Huron and Detroit, Michigan and Niagara Falls and Buffalo, New York. Please contact us for pricing for above options.

Other courier options are available and will be explored and priced on an individual basis for all other destinations.


Have a great day!