Buy RS Media to Help Disabled Childern

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Buy RS Media to Help Disabled Childern

Hello, I am a student at NJIT and my team and are planning on using this robot to help disabled childern. We wanted to where we can buy this robot and if any one is willing to sell it.. Please let me know..



Thank you

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i found only two rs media on ebay.thats all.sorry spatel

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Hi Spatel90

In answer to your Private message: -We are working on the robot and We were wondering how to open the robot to add a serial hack? Also, do you have any suggestions on how to do a USB hack? Thank you.

You can connect via the standard usb but it is a pain in the butt to setup as you have to have 2 bit of software running in the background on of the pc to keep the connection to the bot open. The 2 bit of software running in the background are used to create a virtual serial port for the RS media. You can find the info on how to do this on this link below

The serial hack is the way I would advise you to go. It isn’t that complicated to do as you just need to solder a few wires to the to media board inside the robot. The media board is located located under the plastic cover behind the neck. To remove this plastic cover you will need to unscrew all 8 screws(shown in the picture below) that connect the back plate to the chest plate.

Next gentle move the chest plate forward. You can now slide the plastic cover behind the neck forward and remove it to reveal the media board. You can now add the serial hack which is a matter of soldering wires to four of the pads media board as shown below.

I have now done the serial hack to 4 of the 5 RS media I have in this way and as long as you are careful it is easy enough to solder the wires to the board with out removing the board from the robot. 

The next thing to do is to add the TTL chip to the serial hack so you can communicate to the robot from the PC. There are 2 types of connection for the serial hack which are:

Wired connection USB ttl chip which uses 3 wires (RX TX and GND)



Wireless Bluetooth TTL which uses 4 wires (RX TX GND and 3.3v)

When I started off with the robots myself I used to use the USB TTL chip but found having the robot teathered to the pc was a pain so quickly move to the Bluetooth TTL chip. If you do decide to go for the Bluetooth chip you will still need the USB TTL chip in order to initially program it to a port speed of 115200 which is what the RS media uses.

Hope this info helps you