Modded Rs Media errors.

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Mike Row
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Modded Rs Media errors.

Hi Guys,

Okay so ive modded my Rs Media several times. Havent been any problems until now.
I did some leg extensions, which im still working on.
And some new lights in the head etc.

But there seem to be some problems now. ( had to come sooner or later )

When i press "Stop" on the remote, he says: "May my foot be of any service....." 
Although i checked the bumpers.

And now to the bad part. Everytime i press stop. He turns to the left. Both with the torso and head. While turning he makes a cracking noise in the neck part.
Im not sure, but i might have done something wrong..  Or somehow broke it? ( which i hope not )

Phew, thats for the moving part..
Also another problem, the inbuild cam dosnt seem to work anymore. It just shows a "green screen" on the Rs Media's lcd screen.

Could this have something to do with the 3 ribbon cables on the head board?
Because one of them broke, so i had to melt one of them to get the metal on the cable vissible again. All other functions seem to work thought. Sensors, etc. 


I think that was it. Not sure if anyone might have an idea. But i thought i would be worth a try, before i begin to mess with all the wires again.



Mike Row
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I Have uploded a video on youtube, showing the errors:

Dont mind the mess on the floor btw, i was cutting wires and stuff ;)

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Hi Mike,
Sorry to say but your bot does look a bit sick :-(
Regarding the green video screen, I have seen a similar problem when the ribbon cable from the head to neck is not seated correctly, or maybe even plugged in the wrong way around?. You can try pressing down on the brown parts of the connector when he is on and showing video - it may come good when you make a better connection - it could help tell you where the problem maybe.
For the 'stop' problem - I would guess that when he does a stop I think the robot tries to drive the motors until it finds them in a known position. It does this by driving the motors and 'listening' to the sensors for each joint. In your case I guess it doesn't sense the position so it keeps driving the motors until he actually swings to the side. So I would be looking at the wires from joint sensors back to the robot board - maybe they are damaged or unplugged? Thats my best guess anyway!!