Program to force RSMedia to take a picture

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Program to force RSMedia to take a picture

Hi all,

I recently worked out how to write a program for RSMedia that will force him to take  apicture and then save it as a jpeg to any file name.

The program is called 'rsmpict' and you can download the program and source from here (PS let me know if you have troubles getting the files - I haven't released files from this type of sorceforge link before).

Read the README.txt file for information on how to run it.

The program can be used from the console command line (like USB console or serial) or it could be used in a script or bodycon. But I suspect that it will be most useful for the other 'addon software' for RSMedia like the 'RSMedia Contorl Station' where it could be used to take the picture on RSMeida then the saved file could be copied back to the PC for display.

Hope you find it useful !!





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I keep trying to reply to this post but the forums are real messed up. This is my 4th attempt in 2 days.

Thanks Helibot for this. I was using screenshot with video record to capture images, NOW I can save images directly to the web folder to view huge 640 x 480 pictures instantly on the web browser no wires! Very cool hellibot!!!