1984 Heath/Zenith Hero Jr. Robot

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1984 Heath/Zenith Hero Jr. Robot



Not sure what he is worth but was hoping that someone here could help with that. I have all of the original documentation and all of the original schematics as well as the original receipts and old tech support numbers and pamphlets. It still has the remote and the basic cartridge. Still works when its plugged in. Yes i am interested in selling it but would like to get a good idea of what it is worth first. The only info i can find is that one sold on ebay in 2009 for over 500$

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Interested in the Schematics and any technical manuals. Not sure what the Hero is worth today.

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I second that on the schematics, Any chance of getting a scanned copy?

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If I will go to buy that Hero Jr. Robot, then would I get it on ebay mate? I am very interested to buy it, because it has very cool features.

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If any of you need repairs, parts, upgrades, or documentation for any of the HERO robots I can help.