video of nomad thank you all

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video of nomad thank you all

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WAY TO GO NOMAD! You hung in there and did it! I've got to say, I thought for a bit your RS Media was toast but you programed the bluetooth chip speed, you soldered the chip to the media board, paired with your pc, made your com port connection and graduated to the advanced I.P. connection fully wireless. Congratulations and welcome to the elite Wireless RS Media Club, there are few so be Proud!
BTW, the clock time / date is not set automatically, you can set time in console with this lines an appropriate values.
date -s 012913072012
01 month, 29 date, 1307 time, 2012 year.
and to go back out of clock, A on remote or web control. Time and alarms will keep until you turn power off.
Also, remember to right click menu, refresh to get new instant picture, video and sound downloaded from RS Media.

Have Fun!

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Hi Nomad

Glad you got the wireless connection working and as Freddy said you have now joined a few number of people who have made there robot totally wireless.

As freddy also mentioned the date and time are not store by the robot when you switch it off then back on. If you are using my software to control the robot and connect via com port connection the time and date are set for you automatically when a connection is established however if you connect via ip connection the time is not set due to a minor bug in my code for the software which is easily fixed as along with a few minor addition I will be adding to the software. These will be done soon as I have finished my website. I am trying to get my website finished but over the last few weeks haven't had much time as I have been really busy with work commitments but hope to have this done soon

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thanks freddy a and gerber,it an honor to be in the elite group.
i did'n now there was so little people who has still floting on air,
not realize i have that and problely the only one in belgium and holland and very proud to be in that group,thank you

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Hi Nomad,
Thanks for the thanks. Congratulations and Well done for sticking in there and fixing your bot and then adding wireless. Especially since English is not you main language, so that made it harder for you than for us!!
Great to see my alarm colck running on another bot as well!!


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hi helibot long time since i hear from you.for me yes very difficult.
but the sound thats comming out elvis ,very rewarding.

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Hi nomad, it look great, I am pleased you have got it all sorted. Welcome to the club

Regards Curtainmaker

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hi looks good.i have only one problem to solve.somethimes the chip in rsm falls out,led then go's out.i got to find how to trigger the chip back on.whit the bluetooth for pairing dont work.he find the linvor ,then,
normal i got to pair.from then it doesn do it.because the chip dont lid up.
its a mistery for lids up when he wants to play i think ha ha.
thanks for, let hear off you.and thanks for let me join the club,first time,
some people let me in.