Boot-up and motor/positioning problem

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Boot-up and motor/positioning problem

Hi All,

First post here, although I've been lurking quite a while :-D

Something bad has happened.  We had a few people around the other weekend, and I walked into the lounge to find one of our visitors playing "puppets" with my RS Media for his little boy.  Arms and legs twisted all over the place :-(

After they left, I tried booting him up ... sure enough, there's big problems.  Sometimes he gets as far as saying "systems check", other times "booting personality ROM" ... but in all cases, there's some awful clicking of joints etc, and then it shuts down.

My guess is I need to open him up and reset the joint positions or something ... anyone got any suggestions/instructions?  Besides getting new friends? :-D



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Hi Toksic, too bad about your friends haha. This sounds familiar to me. Is your robot head turned completely to the side or jerks back to one place? Either way you will need to open the guy up. 8 screws on the back shell, remember his arm positions. Could be that a transistor has blown for the neck motor. This affects the robot in that it can??t pass the neck motor check on start up. In that case you can loosen the motor and disconnect it, move the head facing to the right or left a bit but not to the extreme. This will allow the boot up to continue. Or replace the transistor(s) that appear blown. Also could be the slider mechanism in the chest that moves the head L & R. If the plastic is work at the gear pin that keeps the motor gear in contact with the sliding part. This causes slip and the painful jerking. A fix for that wear point would be inserting a bit of tin to protect the plastic from further wear and tighten up the shaft snug in place again for proper contact of the gear. Hope that??s the extent of the damage! Welcome Aboard.


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Robot head is off to one side ... he tries to turn his head further, and there's a nasty clicking noise and his head keeps jerking back. After half a dozen attempts, the unit simply shuts itself off. Safety mechanism, maybe?

"Remember his arm positions" ... don't think there's much point, my "friend" had the RS Media basically doing contortionist stuff. If it isn't the head jerking around, it's the arms trying to roll themselves in and back behind the body.

Basically, dude is all messed up :-(

Guess I'll have my first attempt at robot surgery this weekend ... disassemble him, straighten everything out, reassemble and see what happens. Be handy if I knew what the neutral, startup position for everything was ... guess I'll muddle through.


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Hi Toksic

Here is a link to a document which shows you haw to dissemble the RS Media written by Tika

hope you get you bot working