connection via ip adres windows xp

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connection via ip adres windows xp

hi all.for those who have xp windows.

1-open control panel and choose phone and modems

2-choose modems

3-add and click on don't deteckt choose from list

4- choose communication between two computers ( no com port yet now )

5-click next and choose com mine is 4

6-click next and finiche

7-open control panel and choose new incomming connection

8-choose advanced and click next

9-choose directly to oher computer and click next

10-choose host and click next

11-now you choose your com port,it will be shown in the down drop list,

12-wait when it show up and click ok

13-click on incomming you made and choose properties

14-choose general and take communucation between two computers , choose properties

15-choose allow callers to accses my local area network

15a-choose specify tcp/ip addreses



15d-total 2 and click ok

16-now choose users next to general and set the baud speed to 115200

16a-and below hardware none and click ok

17-now choose general back and uncheck communication between two computers

17a-and click ok

18-click on incomming again ,you see the uncheck again,don't do anything now

19-now boot your rsm check the communication on set baud speed and hardware none

20-click ok and click again on empty spot on the sreen so the blue color go's out

21-now wait the second incomming chould show up in a few seconds

22-when it does you have ppp or connection via ip adres.

23-open gerbers program and set your com port number

24-choose ip and set 10.0.02 and now connect the rsm

25-the color will change into green you got ppp

 good order to open this connection is this

1-boot up your computer

2-let it do his normal thing

3-go to new incomming connection cause it will not be there ,it dissepears when you

3a-chutt off your you have to make it back everytime,only this connection

3b-starting by make new incomming and do the steps like i writen ubove

3c-this is a good thing to do when you want to work whit rsm,always make first the     

  the incomming connection reddy,when you do this several times,it go fast.

  like rsm would say ,cut thats a wrap.have fun all