Remote control for RS MEDIA

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Remote control for RS MEDIA

Hi everyone,

I have a second hand RS MEDIA, but the prob is that there is no remote control, which limits its options alot. I tried to check on ebay, but I only found the how "package" and no one sells the remote control separate. So does anyone know where to get a new/used remote control?


P.S. Contacted the WooWee support, but they said that they discontinued the RS MEDIA and no spare parts anymore. cheers

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Hello petko8680, your best bet is doing the bluetooth wireless serial hack and controlling from your pc or android with gerbers rsmcsv4. Other option is getting the wowwee roboremote if you can find one. Good luck

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Hi FreddyA & petko8680

I agree with Freddy. Also another alternative is if you know someone who has an RS Media with a working remote you can buy a standard Universal TV remote with learn feature on it ( I bought 2 of ebay for £8 each) then you can teach the Universal remote the RS Media remotes command.

For the serial hack option there are instruction and details about this on help page of my website

All the best