Rovio Positioning system

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Rovio Positioning system

Good morning friends,

I wonder what the positioning system of Rovio, I've been reading it can draw routes pre-planned, but how he does it, is with the use of infra red, or he uses another system, also seen on websites that he has a system that would be like a GPS, is this true?
Because my house has ceiling loud at some points reaches 6 feet tall, if he uses infra red to stand, I think it will work in my house.

Or just Rovio uses infrared to position itself on the basis of charging the batteries?

thank you very much

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Rovio use a "Blob Detector" the same technology used in the Nintendo Wiimote eye.

The projector on the base project 2 infrared dot (if you use a camera at night you can see them on the ceiling).

There is also a infrared led on the mast of the charging dock, when the rovio is aligned with the 2 dot on the ceiling, it raise its head so the blob detector see the charging dock mast and align while backing up...

Its a nice system, I'm trying to make my own Beacon but it seem Rovio doesn't use the same frequency of IR than Wii so a wii bar and lenses is not sufficient.

Hope this answer your question.

Edit: Apparently its not as simple as a blob tracker, it still use the same principle but they added 4 IR receiver around the blob tracker, I was wondering how they can recognize the ID of different beacon since the blob tracker cannot return the modulation of the IR, just its position, Those IR receiver could be used for that purpose.