I Seriously Hope I didn't F-Up my RSMedia :(

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I Seriously Hope I didn't F-Up my RSMedia :(

I will try to explain my isue briefly at first. Just in case it's possibly an easy fix... untill futher detail is required.

I just ordered my first, used RS Media from ebay. Just got it this after noon, it was working fin to what I could notice. Then one of the first issues came up His head was seeming to get stuck looking to his right?.. so I started to look all over online to see if I could find out why but didn't find anything about it. So I figured I would start with taking the screws out of it's head and looking around for any obvious wiring problems.. Didn't find any noticable issues their. Then I but it all back to gether and started him up agian. It was running just the same no big flaws but the head was still stuck looking right! So I took the back screws out to look to see if their was anything restricting or loose preventing it to have free motion. Nothing like that but what I did see was that it was like the slider that should go left to right was totaly solid. I couldn't move it with my fingers, if that's possible with out the issue I'm having or not. So the last thing I'm guessing to most likely sure what might have ruined it is there is this one wire that connets to the right of it's sholder that I unpluged to get more room to look around with out it getting in the way. Ever since I unpluged it it not only didn't help SQUAT! but it made it a VEGITABLE :(

Now when I power it on using the AC/DC power cord. I sometimes will have it's eyes light up and the LCD looks like it's trying to boot up but then all lighting shuts off and it makes a grumbling sound and it's back to a VEGITABLE!!!

SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I DID TO THIS THING... I just about want to bring it to Mall Of America and throw it down from the top parking loat and just trash it :(  Well ok I wouldn't do that but I serisously am pissed that I even think to try to fix it with out trying to ask here first at minium.

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Hi Dstar

Sounds like a similar problem I had with one of mine which FreddyA helped me to find.

When you power up the RS Media is goes into a self check mode to make sure everything is working. To get your robot past this boot stage you can try disengaging the neck motor that turn the head from side to side. To do this remove the chest plate and there is a motor just below the slide rail on the front that is held in a plastic clip. (I'm sure I posted a picture of this somewhere on the forum but can't remember where) Unclip the motor and slide it out the motor slightly. (You should now be able to manual move the slide rail which will turn the robot head.) now try turn the robot on. If it power up and stays on the problem is to do with the motor for the neck caused possibly by a blown chip on the motor drive board.

If this works then you can use your robot fully, the head just won't turn from left to right for the moment.

Hope this helps you to get the robot at least powering up.

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Ok I did just do all of what you said correctly. I'm currently waiting for a YouTube video upload of what's currently going on/wrong. I want to send the link here shortly after it's finished and hope to see if people can direct me to what I need to do next. As far As If and how do I figure out and find where to locate the bad chip, motor wire what ever it is that cause the Left pull head motor to go bad. If nothing else I might start taking motors from other robots such as (if compatible) RSV-2 or possible Roboraptor?.. Thanks again Gerber I will keep you posted and every one else of this topic/issue :(

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Hi Dstar,

My guess is that the stuck motor is causing a reset when the robot tries to move it during powerup (it sucks too much current and causes reset).

RSmedia will try to center the head during bootup if it is too far to one side or the other. So if you can get the head centered then I think it will bootup OK again.

You could try to lie him on his back. (He can sense this and will not move any motors , so it may allow him to bootup. )

I had the similar problem with head motors, and worked around it by disconnecting the motor. (I saw a post from you on my thread about this, so I guess you have already tried that?) With the motor and springs disconnected, its likely you can unstick the mechanism, but dont push too hard or it will break!!
Its possible to dismantle it all to unstick it, but its a big job.

The video will also be helpful, I will comment again after the video.