Robosapien V2 Very hard to find in OZ

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Robosapien V2 Very hard to find in OZ

Hi All, This is my first post and I was looking for a Robosapien V2. There seem to be alot out side Australia but not to many in.

What I want to know is are they a good Robot and worth the time looking for one. I was looking for a robot for a 6 year old going on 20 with the amount of teck they know today and am having a very hard time finding one.

If any one has one they are willing to part with let me know and if the cost and POSTAGE are OK I would like to hear from you..


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hi try send mesage to idrum or curtainmaker ,they are also from australia.

check all sites like ebay,com or ebay,us

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you can see this one
is that you find?

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