Lots of questions....

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Lots of questions....
My wife picked up the rs media robot at a thrift store today,
While in very nice shape even the tag is on his arm and arm wiring in protective plastic he might be broken,
I put in all the batteries, when turned on he talks about system check then loading personality and seems to replete that for a while then starts to say what sounds like an introduction who is but when he gets to what I'm guessing is "name" he falls over backwards.
I have no CD, cables or the controller so first question is without the controller can I even test it out?
I downloaded the manual and program but couldn't get the usb to connect to him.
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Hello, your wife has a good eye, nice find. the robot can do some things without the remote, but most of the actions need it. If it is not booting all the way through past its initial motions and it falls backwards would probably be bad transistors on the motor board. One way to find out is laying him on his back before turning him on for the boot process, this disables his motors from running, and he may say something like "X Y Displacement!" and stay in control mode. you can switch modes by pressing both outer hand buttons. (read more in manual) If when you stand him he reboots or falls back or other movement that appears damaging shut him off immidiately and you can bet its a blown motor transistor or two (they are two different types for each motor) soldering and some inexpensive parts will get you going but the remote is another thing.. after you get him going you can do some modds and hacks to be able to control him via PC wirelessly.