has anyone ever hacked one of these before? ....

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has anyone ever hacked one of these before? ....

hey fello robotics fans. i have a question that i hope someone will be able to answer or point me in the right direction.....


my friends family owns a traveling fair and own at least 12 sets of these machines:


long story cut short, a few of the local youths decided to take a dislike too one of their machines and smashed it apart with a hammer and piece of scaffold pole. it is now working but unable to be used and sits in my mates lock up.

i want to have a go at controlling the crane from my laptop via a cable, using the arrow keys to direct it etc. my friend is not into computers but tells me that they have to pay a guy to "program" the machine to make it more difficult ect. he has never been there when the engineer has come out.

my question really is has anyone ever tried to control one of these machines via a computer? do you know where i can get any diagrams showing if there are any ports etc?


many thanks for your advice




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cant you ask people from the link.maybe you have more luck when you place pics from the circuitboards.

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Try reforming the circuit boards, to make it work like the Wow Wee Rovio.
Then use the same program for the arrow keys.I guess it might work...