Avoiding low battery auto dock routine?

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Avoiding low battery auto dock routine?

Has somebody already found out how to avoid the auto dock routine getting initialized on low battery state?

One reason why I want to stop the Rovio from starting to automatically drive back to the charging dock is that I installed some other hardware on top of the unharmed Rovio that blocks the camera arm from moving upwards.

I think there are two options to stop the Rovio from driving "back home":

1. Direct firmware hack (changing some values with a hex editor).

2. Modifying (open) source code and compiling the firmware with the ARM Developer Suite 1.2.

Maybe someone already made that hack (1.) or knows where to change the source code (2.)?

Or do I have to open up the Rovio and plug out some connection to the camera arm to disable moving functionality?

Thanks in advance! :)