RS Media Screen issue.

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RS Media Screen issue.

Ok.. The ribbon to my robot disconected on accident while trying to fix my robot. The orignal issue was that he couldn't use his hands since I thought the motors were faulty. I recently found a AC compatible power source that acutually works better that the one givin to me from a idiot ebay seller..  So while the issue of the motors are solved the ribbon cable to the LCD screen got accidently disconected :(

Now the robot is working like a champ with full power again but the Screen isnot even powering on?... Can anyone please direct me to some helpfull ideas or hopfully fixes to this issue.  

Wondering if the power to the screen is part of the ribbon, and also if their is a speciffic way to plug it in. I noticed that on the ends of the ribbon their is a solid blue square shaped side and then the metal connector side. So my question is what side should the metal connectors go? Up or down? LOL what a mess -_- 

Note: before this happened the screen was turning on but not showing boot logo or anything else. I think it might have been ok if I could have tried the new AC power source before the ribbon was disconected.

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Hi these cables are easy to get on ebay. On the cable that is broke or damaged are some letters example: shs flex cable, typ that in on ebay and you robot is fixed buy the long cable its 3$ replace it with the new one and your issue is been sloved :)