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Help for Develop RS Media

I am new for Developing Applications for rs media ,I have some Questions : 1- Is there a way to develop an application for RS Media using .NET?2- I want to Excecute a program at RS Media But not By RS Media Development kit because it use the SDcard which is an old and small storage.3- Is there is better way to interact with the robot better than IR remote ? 4 - Can I connect /replace the Processor by another enhanced one ? or plug a Pocket PC like RoboMe ..I think the Best thing in RS MEDIA than ROBOMe is it has alot of motors .. so I want to use something like that (without hurting the head ) and with total control it by My c# code or c++.

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Thank you for care and help,
I checked the RS Media Develuopment kit

I liked some of them like :
CopyBot ( I read the documentation it says that it include the source code , but in fact I didn't find it .., do you have its link.

2- If I used the USBNET way then I'll not open the robot and hack it's motherboard right?

3- I read in one thread that you says there is a way to control it using wifi
how to?
What is the combonents needed : because I search on the internet I found many USB to Wifi , but it seems it convert the computer's usb , I want the robot to send ,
computer recieve and computer send , robot receive.

What is needed and software to use it ?

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So USB cable allows rs media to transfer files b/w pc and Rs Media but not control it and send commands and execute programs/commands,

like this article says :

Right ?

so even if I made this so I have to hack it by serial port to control it right ?

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Okay sir so I a agree and I decide to hack it by using serial way:
do you have a simplist and step by step with Pictures and videos how to do it ,

because I see some but they was not clear and was not all of them loaded fine

Also I want a Hello world program or anything I can try this with a code I can run by myself..,
I'm sorry about that but I want to start from a long time ago but I was afraid before I meet you :)

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I downloaded Unix and setup it
Now I want to control it using blutooth , or if it hard by serial .
and make my own program , I can buy from radioshack anything simple please
Because I don't know electronic
I need to know exactly what to buy by picture?
How to plug it?
I purchased usb to serial cable (female usb for computer and male serial ) is this what you mean?

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I found the way to open and items to connect by Bluetooth ( I hope it will work fine)
Do you have an example for code and libs to can execute on the RS Media using serial Bluetooth ?
Is it deferent than wire Serial for programming ?
what is the tools needed ?

In the past I Used the Java development kit using the SD card , now I want to use the Bluetooth I will plug in.

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Hi Tareg

You can find a instruction how to do the serial hack on my website including the bluetooth connection method.!rsmedia/c18xa

Here is a direct link to download the instruction document:

Hope this helps


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Great ,
Thanks Gerber,

I made the above , thank you very much :)
I want to write my hello world program using this hack with the simplest way.
* What is the Tools.
* Development environment.
* Access the port mentioned in the tutorial.
* Control the motors .