Need help with identifying a wowwee robot!!! PLEASE!

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Need help with identifying a wowwee robot!!! PLEASE!

Hello Robocommunity members!!  I need your collective wealth of information to help me identify a robot I have from the WowWee 2000 model year. I DO know he was never sold in the U.S.  He has a fully human face with an eye attachment on the right eye....think Borg from Star Trek. Black hair.   Fully articulated human body with what looks like armored body wear. Arms are partially exposed flesh. Purple, black and gold accents.  Has a holster attached to his left leg with an ammunition belt and what look to be metal flying disks in a holster on his right.   He is on a stand with motorized wheels which he can roll on or move his arms, legs and torso in a variety of kicks, punches and twists.  Two hand joystick controller with 6 buttons, one on the top of each side and two on the front of each side.  Has an on/off/reset switch on the side of the base.  About 16-18 inches tall from top of head to bottom of base.  I can send photos to the email addresses of anyone who wants to see pics.