Was anyone ever successful using RSM Suite 2.4.2 ?

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Was anyone ever successful using RSM Suite 2.4.2 ?

I am at the end of my rope, but still not ready to open my RSM and do a serial or any other hardware hack. I have been trying to use RSM Suite 2.4.2 for 5 days, mostly 8 hours a day, have in detail understood .bcn and .sh file structure, commands for each motor, default Bcons, Basic Moves and what not, but still have no control over creating macros I want. To be precise, I know the language, but the robot just occasionally understands or executes. Files and directories of a personality are even worse. If I try to delete my custom made personality from a Suite, it corrupts in such a way that I can never delete it even from Windows Explorer. Suite for a while does what it is supposed to do (saves macros I make into the current personality, after a while it fails without warning. The same goes for updating a personality: initially it works, after a while it pretends to transfer new files but it does not, and even later it declines to copy files from PC to the robot. When I realize that updated files were not transferred, I copy them manually in Windows Explorer, with mixed luck. Also, If I edit macro file in robot's memory by adding some new moves, robot fails to execute macro at all, but even declines to execute when I take out what I have added, and leave the macro with content that previously executed fine. So it goes from bad to worse.

Any suggestions? So far I only came up with this humorous relief: "There is no pesticide strong enough for WowWee bugs!" Any workaround I came up in previous days ultimately failed, and I am building house of cards over and over, if I lived a 100 years I would be able to finish my 20 steps macro I want my RSM to execute (so far I wrote 7 steps, and was able to see 5 of them successfully executed).

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What do you mean by "RS update", is it update from firmware V1 to V2, how is it done, and is it safe? What are the advantages? My robot is from 2006., obviously V1, I believe they have less memory than those from 2007. and 2008. that are V2, how is that dealt with?

Data that I read on my RSM in Media mode:
Device ID: abcdef01
SP Ver: 2006-09-21a
SP Ver: ffce90912

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Hi ultraHome,
Here is the process I successfully used when playing around with Bodycons:
-I found using an SDCard to be preferable to the on-board memory (but SDcard size must be 1Gig or less).
-I found removing the SD Card and using an SDCard reader in the PC was better than using a USB cable b/n RSMedia and PC.
-When you edit ANY scripts (.bcc,.sh, rsupdateapp) you must use an editor that can save line terminations in unix format. (Notepad and Wordpad can only save in dos format. I suggest to use a free editor called Notepad++). If you dont save the file using unix formatting then the scripts will execute incorrectly with unpredictable results. (This maybe why your scripts stopped working when you edited them and still not working even when you removed your changes!!).

-If you want todo complex scripts/bodycons then consider doing the serial or USBConsole hacks. Then when bondycon/scripts are started you will see any errors and output from the scripts. Its sooooo much easier to debug and understand whats actually happening.

To answer you questions about V1/V2
>What do you mean by "RS update", is it update from firmware V1 to V2, how is it done, and is it safe?
Its possible to update a RSM V1 robot to use RSM V2 firmware.
Check which firmware you have using http://www.robocommunity.com/download/18421/Check-RSMedia-Firmware-Version/
Go Here to find out how todo upgrade:
>What are the advantages?
The main advantage is you can do networking with the RSMV2 firmware. This means you can make a PPP connection from you PC to the robot. This can be done over serial or USB console. With this you do things like telenet into the robot console, FTP files to/from the robot, run a webserver on the robot. Other programs like "RS Media Control station" and "RS Media Terminal Console" can then also be used.

>I believe they have less memory than those from 2007. and 2008.
>how is that dealt with?
This is correct, newer robots have more memory, but the difference doesnt cause a problem. (If I recall correctly I think the newer hardware has more RAM. I have updated two robots and have never seen them run out of ram, and I have run a lot of extra programs on mine!)