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Wife's Fault


My wife brought home a garage sale V2.  Power button activated it, but died in seconds.  Changed all the batteries with brand new ones and no he stands there like a broken robot without responding to any button combination.  IT IS NOT MY FAULT!

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hi ace.take batteries out.and open the robot.problably bad wiring.

Robo J
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Hey ace,

Be careful of buying used white robosapien V2. its better to get a gray, black, blue or red robot because those are newer models and rarely have a wiring problem.

IF you want to make your robot work again, make sure you replace the wires from the foot to the board.
There are excellent and helpful guides on the community to help you on the issue.
Hopefully your robot works again and good luck!

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I want to thank those that took the time to respond. I am perfectly willing to take this puppy apart and take a shot at repair, but I am having major problems just getting the screws out of the plastic. I am fearful of stripping the screw head (yes, it takes that much torque). Since it is metal to plastic, products like PB Blaster seem unlikely to help. Suggestions?