SERIAL HACK METHOD problem! <help>-SORTED!!!

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SERIAL HACK METHOD problem! <help>-SORTED!!!

Hi all,

after finally hacking the RSM

all steps completed using hyperteminal on win 7 64bit system..

I get an a problem at the hash / s in the terminal window

/: PERMISSION DENIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


any ideas anyone?


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PS the RSM is V1.00 as per check
although it HAS a usb port
ver 2?

Seems it may have been flashed previously to V1.


Can I fix?

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Ok boss Helibot

reflashed to RSMV2 firmware which was successful!
ONLY 1 problem unable to turn ON USB net
is this normal?

for your information:

INT mem 42 mb free

scan block finished
Booting kernel ...

MXL Bootloader for RSmedia 16MB (2007-02-09)

Manufacture ID:00C2

Device ID:22BA
Press any key for alternate boot-up options ... 00

0. Program bootloader
1. Program kernel (8MB norflash only)
2. Program root-disk image (8MB norflash only)
3. Init nand flash
4. Program nand kernel image
5. Program nand rootdisk image
6. Program rsmedia system image

Please enter selection -> 0

ps the program nand kernel image on mine was 5 not 4!

6. Upgrade the linux kernel.
Now use menu "4. Program nand kernel image" and repeat steps 3.1 - 3.6 BUT use file named â??rsmv2_firmware\nand0_kernel_RSMV2_16Mâ?? in step 3.3

**Make sure you press menu 5 (not menu 0 - Using 0 now would be very BAD)***

dev ID abcdef01
sp ver 2007-05-18c
sp ver ffce90912

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PS still getting permission denied on hash / s lol!

# /s
/s: No such file or directory
# / s
/: Permission denied
# / bin
/: Permission denied
# /home
/home: Permission denied


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>reflashed to RSMV2 firmware which was successful!
>ONLY 1 problem unable to turn ON USB net is this normal?
Great that it worked for you.
On my upgraded bot I only see '1 Off' in the USB Net menu. So I think this is normal. (Todo USB networking with RSMedia I wrote other scripts that are run from the SDCard at bootup time, so we dont need the 'USB Net' menu.)

Thanks for the extra info about the problem with numbering 4 and 5 during your upgrade. I will check if the docs need updating.

>I get an a problem at the hash / s in the terminal window
Actually the permission denied you see is normal, I see the same on my RSMedia.
The commands '/s' or '/ s' or '/ bin' are not valid linux commands for RSMedias bash shell.
Maybe you know these from another linux shell or linux version?

To explore the RSMedia linux directories use
# cd /home
# cd /bin
to change directories.

#ls /
#ls /home
to list content of directories.

#/usr/bin/robot/sleep 5000
to execute a program (in this case the sleep program to pause the robot for 5seconds)
#cd /usr/bin/robot
#./sleep 5000
The "." at the start means execute a program in the current directory.

So to me it looks like your robot is successfully upgraded and running OK.


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Thanks for the thumbs up!

You are a genius!

Wow it was hair raising at times trust me!

Now to brush up my linux !