Should I get the Tomy I-Sobot

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Moosa farhan
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Should I get the Tomy I-Sobot

Hi, so I was thinking about getting the tomy isobot, but before I can get it I wanted to ask some questions about it:


1) Are the random noises it makes annoying and more than necessary?


2) Is there an option to turn off the sound?


3) I have heard that it is programmable, is this true?


4) Is it over priced?


5) In your opinion, is it unsophisticated and childish?


6) Can you learn to love it ð???ð??? like you can with the robosapien v2?


Thank you for reading, I hope you guys have some answersð???ð???.

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1) yes there are noises
2) yes but only after the initial ones (you can't start him secretly)
3) you can do some funny thing but not programmable like a professional bot like nao etc
4) due to the fact that they stopped production long ago it's over priced (bought mine for 99$ on a business trip to the US
5) a little bit - but hey, there's a child in every man
6) don't know the robosapien but I got bored after some weeks - unfortunately

I would not buy it again. Better save your money and buy a Nao if ur really interested in robots - otherwise don't buy any ;)