Femisapien not powering up

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Femisapien not powering up


I have just registered to this amazing community and I'm a total newbie,

My WowWee Femisapien has lately suddenly stopped working.

When I turned her on the last time, she started performing her start up ritual and in the middle of it ,she simply stopped.

Only the red LED lights on her wrists are turned on continuously.

I've replaced the batteries with fresh new ones but no luck.

I even tried moving the batteries out for 24hours before trying turning her on again, but that  didn't work neither.

I finally opened her up but no wires seem cut or loose.

I tested both resettable fuses located in one of her legs but they seem fine.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Please do take in consideration that I live in Beirut-Lebanon and I have no access to replacement parts over here!

Many thanks in advance.


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Marhaba Khalil, I'm not exactly an expery with this stuff, the best help I can give you is to privately message one of the tech savvys on the site. Theh will be notified by email about your problem. Try private messaging the users nomad or FreddyA. There are some other users who could help you too.

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Thank you for the very useful tip...