USB Serial Console Package

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USB Serial Console Package

CONFUSED:- The intial spec on this states you do not need USBNET for this package to work yet in the instructions it states :-

  1. Go into: Media Mode → Options → USBNet → On.
  2. Go into the Media Mode menu and select Games.
  3. Follow the instructions on the robot screen to invoke USBNet. I'm a NEWBIE could smeone please clarify for me. THANKYOU
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Hello Kenneth,     Sorry I didnt reply to your query sooner, (I havent been on the forum much recently :-()I can confirm 100% that you do not need USBNET for the USB package console to work.The instructions you quoted are from Step 1.  Step 1 is only needed to uninstall any drivers that may have been previously installed. It is only required for RSMedia robots that support USBNET.  If your robot doesnt have USBNET option then skip straight to step 2.Cheers   Helibot