Rovio disconnecting / blue lights off

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Rovio disconnecting / blue lights off

I've had a Rovio for a few years and just bought my 2nd one on eBay recently. The 2nd one has a problem I haven't seen before. After about an hour of inactivity it not only disconnects from the wifi, but also the blue lights go out and the light on the power button goes out.  The lights are actually still on, but extremely faint (only visible in the dark) and the rovio won't respond to any commands. Power cycling fixes the problem, but the same thing happens again after an hour or so. Any ideas?  I guess this is a hardware problem.  I've tried firmware 5.03 (stable), 5.03b and 5.00.

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Someone with the same problem did you get it sorted I just discovered mine behaving the same way couple of hours ago