RoboRemote Alternatives?

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RoboRemote Alternatives?

Hello Forum!

I got a Tribot over Summer from a resale shop. Works just fine (turn it on, it does the random start-up sequence, and waits for command). Problem is, it didn't come with a remote. I downloaded Roboremote, but alas I do not have the corresponding plug-in device to use with it. Because the plug-in plugs into the audio jack, and because the Wowwee Robots typically run on IR, I was wondering if there was a way to use an IR blaster. I have 2 that I got for experimentation purposes, but the Tribot doesn't seem to respond to them. This leads me to 3 possible conclusions:

1. The Roboremote hardware contains some sort of decoder, where the iPhone sends codes to the decoder and the Roboremote outputs the proper codes.

2. The IR Blasters just aren't powerful enough...

3. My IR Blasters are broken, and this could in fact work if I had working IR blasters (if anyone else has successfully bypassed this, it would suggest this third theory)