newbee - using raspbery pi

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newbee - using raspbery pi

Hello,I'm a newbee to hacking the robosapian. I have previosly used a raspberry pi for unrelated projects. I looking to start with the original but have also purchased a V2. What I have in mind is to connect an infrared dongle and a microphone to a raspberry pi.  A few questions I would like to ask the community for help getting started

  • is the robodance software appropriate for the raspberry pi (or suggestions for other software)?
  • is there a particular brand of infrared dongle that is recomended?
  • is there a particular brand of microphone that is recomended?
  • I am not familiar with kylix (I know c/c++ and other programming languages) any good tutorials to get started? 
  • any other  tips?

Thank youJ.P.