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I have an Omnibot 2000, fully complete (minus the charger), but I just installed a new battery I bought online and my old buddy lights up perfectly.  You can hear the gears powering up, etc.  However, even though the remote lights up, I can't get the darn thing to do respond.I feel like there's some sort of interference with the ultrasonics because even though the bot powers up like it always has, it's not responsive.  I have had it since I was a kid and was its original owner, and when I put it away, I made sure and took out the old battery, so inside it's perfectly clean.  The LCD display works too, but one of the contacts for the aa batteries snapped so I have to repair that.Anyway, long story short, I'd love to tackle this project, maybe even mod it, but with a 3 month old and a toddler, I just can't.  I would like to see if anyone out there is interested in buying the bot.  I would like to offer mine for 500 OBO, which is a comprable price to other bots out there on Ebay that are being sold for parts and are missing things.  Mine is fully complete (tray, remote, user manual, but missing the coax charger).  It also has minimal yellowing due to the fact that I packed it back up in its original box when I left for college, so it was kept heremetically sealed and out of the light for 20 years.If you're in Miami and want to take a look at it, just PM me.  Or I can send pictures.  You can reach me at 

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Hi man,do u still have the Omnibot 2000?i am interested in---Thanks in advance Abraham