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rovio software

Is there a reason why all the rovio downloads are gone?  Are there legal reasons why they were taken down? I'm not finding the post that says "gone due to crash" or "we no longer host files" anywhere. If someone has all the files and would like to send them to me I will host for a short while. I've also been seaching here and there and now have the following files:

rovio_firmware_v5.03t_build3711 (roviodirect)







Rovio Manual

and a few others. Some I have working and others seem buggy or do not run. Rovio Installer 2.3 works, WebSee (activex control) locks up Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP - going to try in Vista and 7 soon. Ordered some batteries to try replacing the existing ones. Very inxpensive. $8 for 6 Sub-C 2700mAh Nimh - could be good, could be bad - will know after they arrive. The existing battery charges to 6volts and dies about 2-3 minutes off the base. I'll post a link if they work.

Thanks in advance






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Hello Rovster,I sent you a private message.  Let me know if your received it.-Bob